Sony ss-b1000

Sony SS-B1000

Well, Sony additionally produces an infant brother to the SS-B3000, even extra low-priced and with some exciting functions.

The $ forty-nine.Ninety-nine (MSRP in keeping with pair) SS-B1000 employs a 5.25-inch H.O.P. (pretty orientated Polyolefine) woofer, coupled to a 1-inch Nano first-rate® dome tweeter.

Sony claims H.O.P. Is more potent than the greater normally used polypropylene. Missing becomes the Kevlar used to boost the woofer inside the 3000, but we are able to be grasping (in fact, don’t even assume that word whilst listening to the $50 audio system).

Sony claims its Nano excellent® tweeter plays out to 50 kHz. Checking in at 6.6875 inches wide by 10.0625 inches excessive by 7.0625 inches deep and about 6.

Five pounds, the SS-B1000 offers dimensions and weight tons extra like a bookshelf speaker, not like its brother, which didn’t in any respect.

The SS-B1000 employs a front-firing port with a slightly protruding lip and affords plastic push-pin connectors.

The SS-B1000 is completed in black vinyl and appears and feels pretty right, with the semi-clean woofer exuding a touch of sophistication.


The SS-B1000 offers a nominal eight-ohm load with an 87dB efficiency. The speaker needed higher best electricity to perform it’s exceptional, however, squeezed out sufficient appropriate sound to represent an extra than right sufficient suit with entry-level receivers and amplifiers.

The SS-B1000 sounded active and crisp but wished warm temperature and heft.

The soundstage had a surprising amount of intensity and width but imaged a piece of fuzzy basic. The pinnacle end veered toward a touch edginess on rock and electronic tracks, however presented classical and jazz with more neutral stability.

This quality additionally moved into the midrange, with a basic lightweight and shallow tonal stability that wanted warm temperature and body on most fabric. The SS-B1000 appeared like its length in those areas. The bass didn’t warm matters up sufficient, and the thousand moved far from the 3000 on this vicinity.

The larger model tended to sound big but flabby, whereas the smaller version lacked fullness and weight.

But, just like the 3000, 1000 held collectively wonderfully at some point, presenting a strong coherence and musicality that masked its flaws instead of exposing them.

The light-weight tonal balance made matters tighter, minimizing the shortage of weight and instead exposing the short pacing and peppery bass.

The SS-B1000 also didn’t like gambling loudly as a whole lot as did the 3000. In opposition to a wall, matters remained popularity quo, with the stability closing light-weight standard (the front porting possibly didn’t assist matters right here).

In character areas, the SS-B1000’s overall performance comes up quickly in varying levels. But the speaker nevertheless sounds top universal, and, of a path, when factoring in its absurd price (that you have to do), the decision is made.


The Sony SS-B1000 upholds its big brother’s solid rep, if now not quite dramatically. Its light-weight tonal balance absolutely wishes a subwoofer, But gives a surprisingly high degree of coherence that relatively makes zippy treble, shallow midrange, and light bass.

For the almost-hysterical $50 fee, they in reality deliver a pleasing level of musicality and typical nice, and really don’t come upon standard “finances” loudspeakers.

Whilst blended with their first-rate small length, it’s nearly like ‘Why no longer?’. Much like their big brother, you throw out the field and smile, understanding you could constantly use them someplace.

Whilst you’re reviewing a $65 speaker, your reviewing standards generally tend to trade. In my book, something at this fee point that sounds first-rate — or even halfway first-rate — places it in “good price” territory.

The Sony SS-B1000s absolutely in shape that description, and despite the fact that we felt the Dayton B652s sounded better for the money, the Sonys weren’t a long way off and provided higher aesthetics and arguably slightly better build first-rate.

I trust my co-reviewer’s evaluation that audio systems from Aperion Audio, Boston Acoustics, and Definitive technology sound notably clearer, however additionally they price considerably greater (three instances as a great deal in many cases).

At $20 more than the Daytons, the Sony SS-B1000 Bookshelf audio system may not qualify as a super price, but perhaps they will dip down into the $50 range once more in the future.

In the interim, they may be an excellent good deal nonetheless.

Full Specifications

Remote ControlTypenone
Speaker system type
Left/right channel speaker
Connector Type
System input
Click-fit x2
Speaker System Detachable Grilles
Amplification Type
Crossover Channel Qty
Max (RMS)
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
Connectivity Technology
120 Watt
80 - 50000 Hz
8 Ohm
87 db
Placing bookshelf
Compatibility /AccessoriesTypenone
Audio SystemTypeSpeaker
Product line
Package quantity
Dimension & WeightWidth
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