How to Enable Text Auto-Reader on Huawei Phone.

Huawei select to speak

Huawei Technology launch this amazing feature on their smart phones that supports auto screen text reader, what does this mean? It literally mean that your Huawei device can read the content text form on your phone, it can be in form of pictures, documents, and so on.

Activation Steps.

  • Open Settings from your phone
  • Tap on Smart Assistant
  • Tap on Accessibility
  • Then select Text to Speak and Activate it then click OK.
Select to speak Set up (FaveTech)

Tap a specific item, such as text or an image.
Drag your finger across the screen to select multiple items.
Tap the Play button to hear the text.

If you have activated your select to speak you can easily select contents on the screen and listen as the smart device speaks.

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