ATN Crop Launches New Program

Worldfave Atn X- sight 4k pro
FaveTech Atn  X-  sight 4k pro

ATN Corp is setting the quality with the introduction of their new Optic Upgrade Program.

You know how smartphone companies have established upgrade programs, which allow dedicated customers to trade their older, outdated cellphones for credit towards the most recent models and versions? ATN Corp. felt that the idea should be applied to their products, and has launched the industry’s first Optic Upgrade Program. What it means is that customers who already own one among ATN’s famed X-Sight 2 HD Day/Night Scopes or an X-Sight 4K Pro can prefer to switch them out for credit toward a fresh X- Sight 4K Pro Scope, or they will choose a scope with a replacement Mossy Oak Bottomland, Break-Up Country, or Elements Terra camouflage patterned optic.

The new online portal found out by ATN will include an option for ATN customers to pick the merchandise they want to trade, that ATN will provide instant credit to use toward the new purchase of their choice. Optic Upgrade Program users will then be sent their newly purchased scope, plus a box and return shipping label to form it easy to return their older scope. It’s about as easy as these kinds of things can get. Currently, there are not any other optic providers utilizing such a program, and ATN believes it’ll help set them apart even more from the competition. “Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, by providing the simplest programs within the electro-optics vertical we attempt to offer our customers a 5-star experience and therefore the opportunity to possess the newest and greatest from ATN,” said Marc Vayn, Chief Marketing Officer at ATN Corp. As we’ve come to expect, this program may be a continuation of ATN’s mission to bring feature-rich rifle scopes to the market. Innovation is central to ATN, and therefore the program allows the corporate to still deliver the highest-quality products to its customers.

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