9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone

9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone
9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone
9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone
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9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone

Smartphone has become part of our daily life which we cannot do without because it has helped us in variety of things, like; communication, taking pictures, aids us in E-banking, research work, and so on. But with the huge numbers of smartphones in the market now it’s not easy to choose any smartphone you see without proper consultation, this is the reason FaveTech got you covered with techguide.

Here are major things to consider before purchasing a new smartphone.

1. Mobile Phone Brand

When you think of having a smartphone this should be your first basic thought. Choosing a phone brand is essential to its user, specifically, this determines what you want to use the smartphone phone for, these are the list of mobile smartphone brands Android, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Acer, Oppo, Amazon, AT&T, e t c but if eventually, you live in an area that has a poor power supply system I suggest you should choose Android, oppo, or Xiaomi as the most preferable one, avoid choosing Apple brand if you live in a low power supply region.

2. Mobile Quality

Just as Tech companies are into big competition in manufacturing of different types, structure, and forms of smartphones this makes most smartphones not to be strong enough to serve its user, the smartphone market is largely divided into three types which are the plastic, metal, and glass build, If by you that you know you are those prone to dropping your smartphone you should choose the metal or plastic body coated smartphone because they can sustain dropped from 2 – 3 feet.

3. Mobile Display

This determines the size and resolution of the phone if you observe and notice you are the type that likes video streaming, photos edit work, downloading movies I would suggest you find a smartphone that possesses 5.5 inches to 6 inches full HD resolution will be best for you. But if actually you are not much engaged with video streaming and others using a device of 5 inches to 5.5 inches.

4. Processor

The processing capability of every smartphone differs from each smartphone, several factors that determine the processor capabilities include the Operating systems (OS), UI, bloatware, and more.

5. Camera

9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone
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This is a hidden fact to know, having a higher number of megapixels does not mean your phone will have a good quality camera, several qualities that make up a good quality camera is these, ISO levels, the camera aperture, autofocus, and many more, 42mp rear camera isn’t always better than 12mp rear camera.

6. Storage capacity

It’s been observed that large storage space is taken away with the preinstalled apps the smartphone comes with, so if you are the type that like storing files or video with high storage capacity, I advise you to look for a smartphone of 64GB or 128GB and above, also consider using a phone that supports external Micro SD.

7. Battery Capacity

9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone
Smartphone charging

Phone battery user literally depends on the phone use if you are the type that uses heavy load stuff on your phone consider using a phone of 4,500mah and above it can serve you for the day, and if you are an average phone user 3,500mah can serve you for the day.

8. Sound System

The sound system of the phone can be much considered if you are a music lover, clarity of sound gives joy when listening to music or streaming a video select the best match of your choice depending on the user.

9. Security Features

9 Things to consider before buying a smartphone
Secured smartphone with fingerprint (Getty Images)

Most smartphones this day comes with a very good extra security that could help you protect your privacy, variety of device comes with fingerprints lock system, Iris Scan, Password lock system and so on, it’s best to buy a smartphone with extra security since most of us use phone majorly for business purposes.

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